Little Boy Blue’s Bear

Having had to give up with the piece of apple that split so dramatically, I have now finished carving a bear for next door’s grandson, Blue.

Blue has been asking about his bear ever since I agreed to carve it.   As three-dimensional figures like this are not my forte, it’s taken me a good while to do the job.   At least it does look like a bear, snuffling along the ground.

Small bear on ?sycamore, 2013

Small bear on ?sycamore, 2013

You’ll notice that the wood is very pale.   I was recently given some off-cuts by a friend at work – her dad had helped to fell and reduce a neighbour’s tree and, knowing that I am always after wood, very kindly drove it all the way over from Stroud.   I was told it was sycamore, which is a white wood traditionally used for kitchen ware.   The bark, however, isn’t right for sycamore so I’m not really sure what it is, having not seen the tree.   Nevertheless, it did cut well and I am looking forward to carving the really big log that came into a large bowl.

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